Scary Teacher 3d Game Online Play

Have fun solving classic Scary Teacher 3D puzzles to drive the school tyrant mad! The level always offers several variants to perform the same pranks. Unleash your creativity and find them all!

Modulate brave jokes by combining such contrasting items as salt and a cheesecake or black paint and shampoo. If you want to win, you just have to be unpredictable!

Partner Up with Nick and Tani

Classmates may close their eyes to Miss T’s outrageous behavior, but not Tani and Nick! They won’t let a single offense slip in their direction. It is just the right time to unpack their disciplining prank archive!

There is not much space in the classroom for kids’ fantastic inventions. Chalk that doesn’t write or a dusty sponge are too unpredictable mischiefs to even bother about. What if the young comedians will dare take a step higher? For example, sneak into the horror professor’s house?

Like phantoms, they turn the neighbor’s boring routine upside down without leaving a trace. Look at her funny, angry face! She can’t recall wearing down her fabulous evening dress, nor can she find anyone nearby who could cut it. Children with scissors giggle from the corner, ready to play out their next crazy idea.

New Humorous Stories and Modes

Play chapter by chapter of the unfortunate woman’s life. A spoiled romance? The worst Halloween in history? Fail on the podium? You stand behind all these victories! They begin with disgusting cereal for breakfast, continually escalate towards a broken treadmill and ugly makeup, and end up as a complete disaster. Your smallest action in this game runs a chain of misfortunes that provokes the old lady’s hilarious reactions and keeps the show going.

The game updates quickly. Wait for special holiday chapters for Christmas, Halloween, and Love Day with their bright costumes and daunting challenges! Look what else spontaneous desire will pop up in the professor’s head and do your best to not let this happen! Hide from her aggressive dog in the garden or her friends, who will certainly let her know about intruders.

Are you new to the genre? Even if you don’t know any rules, you will learn everything through play. Begin from the tutorial to get the basics, and then master your skill with user-friendly levels. You can ease the trial by turning on the hidden camera, which tracks the lady’s location in the mansion, and by using hints. Or, you can make your walkthrough tougher by turning these supportive functions off.

What Are You Waiting for?

Dive into the fantastic TV show directed by you! This game is fantastic for creative kids and teenagers who are studying in school. Nail all tasks to complete the level with three stars and unlock more entertainment. Some days open only when you flawlessly succeed in all previous challenges.

And if the nasty lady slows your progress, check out an extra mode with the main antagonist’s model and a bucket of rotten tomatoes! Throw them for all the points you’re lacking and for her overall indecent behavior with pupils!